SSL Certificates Expiration Monitoring

  • Daily checks for your certificates' expiration.
  • Collaboration: Work in teams and monitor certificates with your colleagues.
  • Unlimited domains and multiple notification options.
  • Totally free.

Do I need to use StaySecure?

Do you have a domain with an SSL certificate? Then yes. Do you have multiple domains with certificates? Definitely, yes. You have multiple certificates from different issues and managed by different members of your team? 100% yes. And you will love it!

The secure connection is no longer an option for the Internet. It’s a requirement now. Modern browsers will just block your site from visitors if your certificate has expired. And it may take time to find the problem and issue and install a new certificate. We are here to help you stay secure!

My certificate is from Let’s Encrypt. Do I still need to use StaySecure?

Let’s Encrypt is doing a great job and sends you notification 20 days before the certificate expires. Even if your auto-renewal script/schedule/cron/etc stopped working, you will get a notice and have plenty of time to fix it. But that works only if a certificate was issued by you. If a certificate was issued by your colleague or coworker, then you can never receive this notification. And here StaySecure is coming to help you!

Can I trust StaySecure?

Yes, you can trust us. We use strong encryption at our databases, but the more important is that we do not store any sensitive information about your certificates. Only domain names and expiration dates.